Remove License Verification with Lucky Patcher

If you also want to use any premium app for free, then for this you have to remove the app license verification, then only you will be able to use the app. But, do you know how to remove license verification of Android apps? So, the simple answer is that now you can remove the license verification of Android Apps with Lucky Patcher.

This is a complete guide that will show you how to remove license verification with the help of Lucky Patcher. So let’s know in detail how to remove license verification.

How To Remove Licence Verification of Apps With Lucky Patcher?

First of all, understand how to Remove License verification from any Android app. So for this, you have to install Lucky Patcher on your phone and your phone should be rooted, if the phone is not rooted then this program will not work properly. So the process to remove license verification from Android apps is given below.

  • First of all, open the Lucky Patcher application on your phone. Here you will see a list of all the apps installed on the phone.
luacky patcher home
  • Now click on the app from which you want to remove the license verification and select it.
  • On clicking on the app, a pop-up window will open in which many options will be shown. Out of these, you have to click on the option of Menu of Patches.
settings lucky patcher
  • Again a pop-up window will open. In this also you will see many options, out of which you have to click on Remove Licence Verification.
remove license verification
  • Again a window will open in which you have to select and deselect the patches and click on the apply button. and have to wait a while
app patched by lucky patcher
  • Now the license verification will be successfully removed from your app. you launch the app again

For how to remove license verification from any Android app, you can also watch the video given below.

What are the benefits of removing licenses from Android apps?

There are many benefits of removing licenses from Android apps. like –

  • You do not have to purchase any premium app.
  • You can use the premium features of any app.
  • You can remove watermarks from video or photo editing apps.
  • And this whole process is free, even for this, you do not have to pay.


1. What is License Verification, and why do some apps have it?

App developers include a security feature in their app where they only verify licenses from users who should have legally purchased or downloaded their application. It aids them in protecting their intellectual property and income.

2. How does Lucky Patcher work in removing license verification?

Lucky Patcher can remove license verification by creating custom patches for specific apps, allowing users to bypass the need for a valid license while using the app.

3. Is it legal and safe to use Lucky Patcher for this purpose?

In different places, as well as in unique scenarios, the legality and security of applying Lucky Patcher are subjective. You must also know what the law says about this device in your state and use it ethically.

4. Where can I find custom patches for license verification removal?

You can find custom patches for Lucky Patcher on various online forums and communities. However, ensure you download patches from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

5. What should I consider when using Lucky Patcher for this purpose?

Note that there are legal constraints and security issues when removing license verification by means of Lucky Patcher. However, use it with caution, and only change the app for changing if there is permission for that particular modification.


Who needs license verification anyway? Let’s break free from the shackles of restrictions and dive into the world of unlimited possibilities! With Lucky Patcher, you can unlock the full potential of your Android phone and bypass those annoying license checks. Embrace your rebellious side and enjoy premium features without spending a dime. Remember, this is for educational purposes only in our little playground here. Just make sure to use your newfound powers responsibly and respect the developers’ hard work. Now go forth and conquer the realm of license-free Android apps!