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Lucky Patcher Original apk – Complete Guide with Tutorials

If you love manipulating, or if you want to manipulate any app then you’re going to love LP. It’s a mobile application – which gives you many modification options to unlock your application.

You can do many things like disable ads, create app backup, change permission, free in-app purchases, and many more interesting things that can be done by this tool.

This app is not available in the Play Store. You can only download this app from their official website. Installation of the app is the same as other apps, but certainly, after installation, you get a warning from your device – which says this app is harmful. And that warning comes from Google because they didn’t want users to do any modifications to their apps.

In this full Guide, We are going to clear all your doubts related to LP. Now let’s dive deep into the full guide.

What is Lucky Patcher?

It is a mobile application – which can unlock hidden features of any application available on Android platforms.

It’s an easy-to-use application and comes with many modification options for the user. It’s a full offline app with a simple interface.

What Is The Usage Of Lucky Patcher?

Normally Lucky Patcher 2023 is used for modification of an application but you can use it for other purposes too.

It’s a great app for backup and management. It comes with low data and a clean interface. It’s a small application, that’s why your phone can handle it without any problem.


It is a feature-rich application but here are some key features, you should consider more.


Ads are annoying they decrease the user experience and make him frustrated. Almost every app and games use an app without asking for your Permission.

You can fully remove those ads from your apps and games. You can enjoy your games without any interruption.


Nowadays lots of application wants many permission to use their full functionality, you can modify their permission in LP to work on their full potential.

This feature gives you full access to change the full change application from the inside. You can change apps’ internet and wifi usage, notification, billing, and many more.

Buypass the Licence Checking

We often install apps from the play store, some apps are free but for some apps, you have to purchase their license to use their full potential.

Lucky Patcher 2023 bypasses the Licence requirement. And give you full access to the app


it is a great backup for creating an application for you. You can create as many apps back up as you want on your smartphone.

In case you didn’t want to lose your important application you can create a backup to avoid any future damages.


If you want to play games without spending money, then this app is useful for you. you have the option to modify your app.

After the complete modification, you can purchase as many things as you want and enjoy your games hassle-free.

Lucky Patcher 2023 Games List

It is made for modifying any games available on Android platforms. Here are some great games you can manipulate for entertainment purposes.


Crafted by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is an iconic sandbox game where players can freely unleash their creativity within a blocky 3D world. With no predefined goals, the game empowers exploration, resource gathering, and structure building using diverse blocks. Its varied modes cater to different playstyles, making Minecraft a worldwide sensation of limitless potential.

subway sufers

Embark on a thrilling adventure through vibrant cityscapes with Subway Surfers, a captivating endless runner game developed by Kiloo. As a group of mischievous characters, players must outpace a relentless inspector and his dog. By navigating subway tracks, dodging trains, and overcoming obstacles, while collecting coins and power-ups, Subway Surfers delivers a visually striking and addictive gaming experience that has earned it a special place in the hearts of fast-paced fun seekers.

candy crush saga

Developed by King, Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that has enthralled players across the globe with its captivating and challenging gameplay. By matching candies of the same color, players must complete objectives within a limited number of moves. With each level, new obstacles and boosters intensify the complexity, making it a truly addictive sensation in the mobile gaming industry.

temple run

Imangi Studios created Temple Run, an adrenaline-pumping endless running game that puts players’ reflexes and agility to the test. As a daring explorer who has stolen a cursed idol from a temple, the objective is to escape relentless demonic monkeys. By swiping, sliding, and tilting their devices, players dodge obstacles and collect coins in visually stunning environments, resulting in an addictive experience that captivates for hours.

clash of clans

Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell, is a strategic mobile game where players engage in epic battles and build their villages to conquer rivals. Players build and upgrade their villages, train armies, and compete in epic battles against other players to earn resources and climb the ranks. The game offers a wide range of troops, spells, and defensive structures, allowing players to devise unique strategies. Clash of Clans’ blend of base-building, resource management, and real-time combat has garnered a massive and dedicated player base.

Games That Can Be Patched By Lucky Patcher 2023-

List of LP Games:-

It can modify any game available on the Play Store. However, we certainly want to mention that, always go with offline games for manipulation.

Online games such as BGMI, Pubg, Minecraft, and COD cannot be manipulated, the reason is simple you can manipulate only apps on your smartphone or a gaming server.

How To Remove Ads On Android Apps?

Removing ad modification on any application and game is similar to purchase modification.

First, Download and install the app and open it…

  • Find the app which you want to remove ads, and press it…
lucky patcher home
  • Press open a menu of patches.
lucky patcher menu
  • Press Create modified apk file
lucky patcher modified app
  • Now click on the APK without Google ads.
lucky patcher remove ads
  • and start rebuilding the app.
lucky patcher rebuild app
  • After loading, uninstall your old app and install the new modded app…
lucky patcher modded apk
  • You are ready to enjoy your App without any ads.

How do in-app purchases use Lucky Patcher?

Following are the steps you have to take to purchase unlimited coins, gems, and money on your game.

  • Find the app on which you want to do in-app purchases and press it…
lucky patcher home
  • Press open a menu of patches,
lucky patcher menu
  • Now click on the Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation,
lucky patcher in-app emulation
  • Don’t change any of the settings click apply and wait for patching.
lucky patcher patching
  • A minimum of 28% luck is important at Patch Result to do in-app purchases.
lucky patcher inapp puchase
  • Now launch the modded app, and buy what u want by pressing, Yes on InApp purchases.
lucky patcher in-app hack


What are the Minimum requirements to install Lucky Patcher?

It is a small app with many great features. Nowadays most devices can easily fulfill their requirements.

Here is a list of requirements LP wants from your Android device.

  • For installation of the app on your smartphone you need a minimum Android version of 5.0 or higher
  • For a soothing experience, you must have 2 GB of RAM.
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is required for the installation and backup of your data.
  • Lucky Patcher is run on both rooted and unrooted devices. If you’re unrooted then don’t worry about it.

Lucky Patcher Download:-

You are about to download LP from here. It is free and safe to download.

If the installation is blocked, try again disabling Play Protect.

How to turn Google Play Protect on or off?

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
google play store
  • At the top right, tap the profile icon.
play store icon
  • Tap on Play Protect.
play protect
  • Now Tap on Play Protect Settings.
play store setting
  • Turn Scan apps with Play Protect on or off.
play protect

Download the Newest Version: Lucky Patcher

Name of the Tool Lucky Patcher
Authorized platformsAndroid
Android version needed Android 4.0+
Volume10.40 MB
Total Downloads1 Billion+
Last Update3 Hours Ago
AdvantagesAd removal, In-app purchase bypass, App modification, Backup, etc.
Download StatusAvailable

Are There Any Safety Issues With Lucky Patcher?

Yes! It Is A Completely Safe Application. If You Use It Correctly, Then It Didn’t Harm Your Device. So, Make Sure Before Using The App,
Consider Some Basic Tutorials.

Some Apps On Your Mobile Are Used For Their Safety And To Make Your Device Flexible To Use. If You Try To manipulate Those Apps, Then Your Device Starts Misbehaving.

That’s Why We Are Sighting You Read This Tutorial For Full Details.

How to fix the App Not Installed error while installing Lucky Patcher?

Due To Google Policy, You’re Going To See A Pop-up On Your Screen Before The LP Installation. You Can Avoid This Pop-up Just By Clicking
‘Install Anyway.

After Installation, If You Still See The Harmful App Pop Up On Your Screen Then Go To Your Play Store And Disable Play Protection.

You Can Enable It Again When You Successfully Modified Your Desired App.


Yes, You Can Install The LP No Root Version From Their Official Website. It’s A Free Version With All Its Important Features.

However, The Root Is Recommended By Developers For Full Access To The LP tool. Perhaps You Don’t Need To Root Your Device For Extra Features.

No Root Version Pretty Much Does Every Important Thing For You.


One Of The Main Reasons not to root Your Device Is ‘Security’.
You’re Fully Open After The Root, No One Is Protecting Your Device.

Your Bank Details, Password, Photos, And Anything Important Can Be manipulated By A H*cker Without Any Problem.

Not Only Do You Have To Worry About H*ckers Your Mobile is Also Working Weirdly There Are Consistent Bugs In Other From – You Install On Your Device.

If u want to root your Android or know more about Rooting Android devices, you can check this article.

Download Lucky Patcher 2023 For PC Or Windows

It is a great tool with lots of useful features. It can be very useful for students. It can help them to learn about applications and their modifications.

And they can enjoy modified games without spending any money. Unfortunately, This Tool is only available for mobile users.

But, we can use it with an emulator on a PC or Windows.

Here are the steps on How to download and use Lucky Patcher on PC or Windows.

Lucky Patcher 2023 For iOS and iPads Download

The same as Windows Lucky Patcher 2023 is not available for iOS users. It’s only available for the Android platform.

You can see many fake versions of LP on the internet for iOS but they didn’t do any work. Make sure to avoid those fake apps. The official version is only available on their website.

We hope that it will be available for iOS in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. 1. Why is LP not on the Play Store?

    It violates Google policy that’s why it’s not available on the Play Store. Still, you can download it from their official website.

  2. 2. Why can’t this apk modify or manipulate any online games?

    Online games save their data on their server, that’s why they can’t get access to the data and cannot do anything about those servers.

  3. 3. Is LP stealing my data?

    This tool didn’t want your data. Your personal information is your device. It’s not touched by this app.

  4. 4. How to Download and Install this apk?

    You can download it from the official website and start installing some as you do with other apps. Make sure you disable play protection from your Play Store before installation. If u face any problems, please check the steps.

  5. 5. How many games are compatible with this tool?

    You can give modifications to thousands of games. Make sure those games are offline otherwise, you cannot do anything about them.

  6. 6. Can we download this tool from the Play Store?

    No, we can’t download it with the Play Store because it violates the terms and conditions but You can download it with the Official Website and follow the Steps to Download and Install it.

  7. 7. Is there any similar application like this apk?

    Yes, The Alternative of this tool is available but It is an easy and free application.

  8. 8. Can we use this tool on PC or Windows?

    Yes, we can use LP on PC or Windows by using Emulators like Bluestacks or others.

  9. 9. Can we fix the Error while installing the LP 2023 App?

    It’s a common problem that can be fixed easily by Turning off Google Play Protect and enabling installation from unknown sources in your device settings. If you still face any problems then check the steps.

  10. 10. How to remove/Block ads with this tool?

    Peruse this article to be aware of How to remove/Block ads with LP.

  11. 11. How To Remove License Verification With this tool?

    Peruse this article to be aware of How To Remove License Verification With LP.

  12. 12. Is Using this apk Illegal?

    It is hurtful to other applications and game engineers as it can diminish their income. Utilizing this can be unlawful in certain nations assuming that the public authority has specific regulations. Anyway, you can use It with no issues. However, conveying any fixed applications or games is unlawful. If you are a genuine individual and don’t have any desire to hurt application engineers.

  13. 13. Can we use this tool on iOS or on Apple devices?

    Sorry to say that you can’t use LP on iOS because iOS has higher security than Andriod and it doesn’t allow you to install any application from outside the AppStore.

  14. 14. Can we get restricted from games if we use this application?

    It relies upon the game designer. A portion of the games might boycott you on the off chance that you change the game utilizing LP.

  15. 15. How Can I Root Our Android Device?

    Yes, we can easily root our Android devices with the help of applications like king root. If you facing problems with rooting your Android device, you can root with a Laptop or PC. For more information about rooting you can check this article.

If you have any issues while using Lucky Patcher, Feel free to Contact us.


We tasted many applications – that claimed to be manipulating applications for Android. But so far not a single application comes close to this application.

It’s free with a good interface and has stable performance without any annoying ads which makes the user experience more professional. That’s why we review this app as the best manipulating app available on Android platforms.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Very pleased with the depth of info & protection I get from the app. Totally worth the $10 & my 5-star rating! If you’re like me, it’s reasonable to think that the other paid app from this developer is a companion app to add further functionality.
Daniel Lee
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
This app is pretty awesome so far and I love that it cleans and repairs phones and the extended information about each phone in more extensive detail.
Keasha Roberts


Lucky Patcher 2023 is a revolutionary tool that empowers users to take control of their mobile experience. With its extensive range of features, it provides unparalleled freedom to customize and optimize apps, allowing you to unlock premium content, remove ads, and enhance your overall smartphone usage.

Embrace the power of LP and unlock a world of endless possibilities, transforming your mobile device into a personalized haven of convenience and enjoyment.

Thank You for using Lucky Patcher. Share this Page with your Friends.