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Lucky Patcher is a cool app for Android phones. It helps you change apps and remove annoying ads. It’s like a key to make your phone even better. Get it now!

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Here are some details regarding Lucky Patcher:

Name of the Tool Lucky Patcher
Authorized platformsAndroid
Android version neededAndroid 5+
ChargesFree of cost
Total Downloads 10 Billion+
Last Update15 OCT 2023
AdvantagesAd removal, In-app purchase bypass, App modification, Backup, etc.
Download StatusAccessible

You Can Freely Use The Application Without Installing Any Additional Installers.

Updated version:-

Old Versions:-

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]

1. What is Lucky Patcher and what does it do? 

 It can delete ads, modify permissions, or even allow bypassing of license verifications in some.

2. Can I use Lucky Patcher safely?

Lucky Patcher appears to be a problematic application because of its modifying nature, which could cause instability as well as safety problems. However, only use it with caution and only on apps you own or are allowed to modify.

3. How do I get lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher can be downloaded from third-party app stores and websites. But I recommend that you download it from to minimize the likelihood of downloaded altered or damaged versions.

4. Is Lucky Patcher available on iOS devices?

No, it is intended mostly for Android devices. That does not work in iOS due to different approaches towards applications, by the two operating systems.

5. Is it safe to use Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is somewhat problematic when it comes to modifying apps for individual purposes. Nonetheless, it can result in legal consequences while using it for bypassing in-app purchases or pirating apps. Respect the rights of app developers and enjoy using the tool.

App Changelog:

App Version: 10.9.8:

~ Updated translations;
~ Fixed Bugs

App Version: 10.9.7:

~ Fixed bugs for “Fake a modified APK archive from the original”.

App Version: 10.9.6:

~Improve more stable Android patches for Android 13;
~Improve ”fake a modified APK archive from the original”;
~Improve ”Signature verification killer” for some apps;
~Updated translations;
~Fixed bugs.

App Version: 10.9.5:

~ Added apkm format support;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.9.4:

~ Fixed bugs;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.9.3:

~ Updated modded Google Play to 37.5.24;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.9.2:

~ Fixed custom patch engine for “method name” patch;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.9.1:

~ Added button “Select original apk” for option “Fake a modified APK archive from the original” to dialog “Re-sign with test signature”;
~ Fixed custom patch engine for “method name” patch;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.9.0:

~ Added option “Forcefully turn off the option Use magisk module”;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.8.9:

~ Improve dex patch for license verification v3;
~ Updated translations.

App Version: 10.8.7:

~ Improve installer menu for apks;

App Version: 10.8.6:

~ Added message for downgrade Google Play version;
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.8.5:

~ Improve modded GooglePlay installer;
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.8.4:

~ Improve custom patch engine: tag [COPY_FILE] work for non-root users;
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.8.3:

~ Improve custom patch engine: tag [SHARED-PREFERENCES] work for non-root users;
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.8.2:

~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.8.1:

~ Fixed OutOfMemory on rebuilding dex files for some apps;

App Version 10.7.9:

~ Added method patch for custom patch engine for tag [CLASSES] (Read more in the help for custom patches: “method name”,” class name”,” parameter types”,” return type”);
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.7.8:

~ Fixed FC for custom patches engines;
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.7.7:

~ Fixed integration updates for some apps.

App Version 10.7.6:

~ Fixed “Create a license for an application” fixed for Android 13;
~ Fixed integration updates for some apps;
~ Updated translations.

App Version 10.7.5:

~ Fixed delete empty backups folder;
~ Added group operation “Backup app settings for selected apps”;
~ Updated translations;
~ Fixed bugs;