Import Custom Patches Lucky Patcher

Import Custom Patches Lucky Patcher

You can import custom patches in any Android app in 2 ways. One you can import directly from its official website and the other manually from the folder of Lucky Patcher. Before this, let us also understand what a custom patch is, this will make it easier for you to import custom patches into Android apps.

What is a Custom Patch?

Patch means a kind of inserted code that we can also call a small piece of the complete software. But a custom patch is the code that the developer customizes according to his needs and inserts into that software. So that the developer can use that software according to his own.

How to Import Custom Patches Directly From Official Website?

  • First of all, you open the Lucky Patcher app and click on the three dots in the right upper corner.
lucky patcher home
  • Now some options will be shown, out of them click on Show Last Added Custom Patches.
Added Custom Patches
  • You will be redirected to the official website. Here you can search for the app for which you want custom patches. custom patch
  • Now save the custom patch (lp zip) of that app. Select Open with Lucky Patcher.
custom patch
  • Now click on that app in Lucky Patcher, and you will start showing the option of a custom patch.
custom patch lp

For how to import custom patches from the official website, you can also watch the video given below.

How to import custom patches in Lucky Patcher manually?

  • For this first, you save that patch from any website. That file will be in zip format, extract it.
lucky patcher
  • Now open the Lucky Patcher app and click on the three dots in the right upper corner. Here you will see the About option, click on it.
added custom patches
  • Now here you will see the option of the working directory, open this directory in your file manager. It can be like this – /storage/emulated /0/Android /data/ /files /LuckyPatcher
about lucky patcher
  • Now copy the file which was extracted and paste it into this folder.
lucky patcher custom patches
  • Now open Lucky Patcher and click on the app whose custom patch you pasted in that folder. You will start showing a custom patch option in that app
lucky patcher modes

For how to import custom patches manually, you can also watch the video given below.

What is the use of importing custom patches?

Custom patches are imported in any app because by importing these patches you can make changes in that particular app. With this, you can modify that app and use your own accordion. With its help, you can modify any game to make it easy and win easily.

1. What Is Lucky Patcher And How It Works?

The Lucky Patcher Android app is used to modify, personalize, and unlock various paid features on Android applications and games. It enables users to create custom patches that change an application’s behavior.

2. How do I import custom patches using Lucky Patcher?

To import custom patches, open Lucky Patcher, select the app you want to modify, and then click on “Custom Patch” in the menu. If you possess a custom patch file, you can choose to import it.

3. Where are custom patches for Lucky Patcher?

There are quite a number of online portals where custom patches can be located such as in forums, websites as well as from inside the Lucky Patcher community.

4. Is it legal to use custom patches with Lucky Patcher?

The legality of using custom patches with Lucky Patcher depends on regional laws and intended use. Modifying apps to remove ads or unlock features may sometimes violate the terms of service of app developers.

5. What risks may be encountered in importing custom patches?

There are several risks associated with importing custom patches, including the potential of causing instability and making apps unworkable. Also, using bespoke patches by untrusted parties may introduce viruses in your software. These risks should be treated with caution and it’s better to use only on proven patches.


So in the end; This article explains how to remove license verification from Android apps with the help of a lucky patcher application. Apart from this, how to import custom patches in any Android app with a lucky patcher. These are the 2 methods by which you can use the premium version of any Android app for free, and you can modify it according to your needs. And if you want any information related to this, you can contact us.